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Further development

Further development beyond the Advanced test

Skills Days

IAM RoadSmart runs skills days on race tracks throughout the UK. These allow you to develop your road skills under instruction, in a safe and  controlled environment.

Gain a F1RST

The IAM RoadSmart F1RST Register recognises excellence during the advanced rider test.  Members will receive a special certificate complete with the F1RST logo. Their names are also entered into the F1RST Register.

How to get on the F1RST Register. F1RST membership is attained by taking the advanced test and achieving a score of 1 in almost every category. Find out more

IAM RoadSmart Fellow membership

The Fellow membership tier is open to all current full IAM RoadSmart members, it provides you with enhanced recognition and insurance benefits (with Cornmarket in return for your commitment to keep your advanced skills up to date by retesting every three years. Find out more

The IAM Masters program

The highest riding qualification available to civilians is the IAM Masters. This program is open to all full members and we have mentors who will help you to prepare.

Open to all current IAM members, our Masters programme provides true one-to-one mentoring support and guidance that will help you to attain the highest standard of civilian riding ability in the country. There are no exemption qualifications to our Masters standard.

Building on your skills as an existing advanced road user, the Masters programme will help to enhance and develop your ability even further in the following areas:

Applying cornering principles

Assessing, planning and executing safe overtaking manoeuvres

Recognising opportunities to make safe progress (within the speed limits)

Improving observation, anticipation and awareness consistent with vehicle speed

Applying sound judgement of speed and distance.

Once you and your mentor feel that you are ready, we will offer you a ninety minute test that includes both a theory session and an extended ride. To challenge you the Masters test will be conducted on roads unfamiliar to you, and may therefore involve travelling a fair distance from where you live. You will be scored on a series of criteria and able to achieve either a Pass or a Distinction award. Find out more

Members Masters experiences

Taking your riding to the next level

Observer training

After passing your Advanced test you may like to share your new-found knowledge and skill with others by becoming an Observer. This can be very rewarding and we can train you. Please get in touch with a member of the Training Team. They will be only too happy to have a chat with you and arrange for you to shadow an observed ride to help you decide if observing is for you.

All IAM Observers are unpaid volunteers.
They started the journey as we all do, by signing up for the Advanced Rider Course, going though the training program and passing the advanced test. As an Observer, you’ll provide one to one observed rides. These generally fall into regular times and patterns to fit in with your other commitments. Existing Observers will tell you there’s no better feeling than hearing that your latest associate has passed their advanced test, and the thanks you’ll receive will make all your efforts worthwhile.

What makes a good Observer?
We’re looking for a combination of excellent riding skills, and the ability to communicate
and encourage associates to develop their own skills in a positive, friendly environment. Find out more

Members experiences

My path to becoming an Observer

My excuse to get out on a bike

Guidance Notes for Potential and Trainee Observers