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      On a recent tour of Normandy, the dreaded rain came down whilst we were navigating the less than perfect back roads with shiny tarmac section among broken top surface. Whilst my Anakee tyres started to struggle and other fellow riders slowing with less and less confidence of traction, one of my riding partners seemed not to notice. It turns out his GS was fitted with Pirelli Angel GT2 tyres, and once we stopped, he wondered why we were all taking about traction. He had recently changed to Pirelli Angel GT 2 tyres and hadn’t looked back. Needless to say, my next set of tyres will be this angelic rubber!

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      I changed from the Anakee Adventure to the Road 5 Trail for the exact same reason. The Anakee Adventure were fine when new, but seemed to loosen up as they aged.

      I can recommend the Road 5’s for grip, wet and dry. I am on my 2nd set of Road 5s now and love them.

      Michelin have just released the Road 6, so I may try those out net change.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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