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      Hi WSAM,

      You may all be very advanced compared to me, but I’ll introduce myself and see what you think…. Whether I’m worthy 😀

      I’ve just completed the first stage, my CBT, and I’ll have a 125cc soon, so I’m eager to learn from the most experienced riders local to me.

      I live near Bognor Regis, and will be commuting as much as possible on my Honda, whatever the weather, with a reserve of public transport if necessary.

      I would like to progress towards achieving the highest standards of safe motorcycling, and plan to do my full test next year.

      So, my question is then, can I join you at this stage, or should I wait a while…?



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      Alan Cuthell

      Hi Shaun,

      I’m the WSAM membership secretary.  It’s good to hear that you’re keen to upskill your riding.

      We will certainly be able to  help you get there, once you have a full licence and a bike able to maintain 70 mph on a dual carriageway.

      I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

      All the best.


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      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for replying, I appreciate it!

      I guessed it’s a little early for me to join you, but I will definitely contact you again once I’ve stepped up in engine size, which I’m planning to do next year. I’ll ease into motorcycling on the 125, commuting and leisure rides for a while.

      Certainly, the desire to educate myself, utilising experienced motorcyclists, is my desire, as an ex HGV driver, I know that road raft comes with experience and consideration.

      all the best!


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      Hi Shaun, welcome to the motorcycling world.

      Once you have passed your full test, you are more than welcome to join our group. The first steps for this would be to book your advanced course through IAM Roadsmart (
      At this stage you would get assigned to a group, WSAM would be the most local for you, once you have passed your advanced test you become a full member of both IAM Roadsmart and WSAM.

      There is also the enhanced rider scheme (, this is a great addition to build your skills after passing the full motorcycle test.

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      Hello WSAM, I just wanted to pop by and say that I have been commuting to work since September 9th, 9 days after passing my test (both mods on the same day.  I collected my VStrom 650 from North Devon and rode the 180 miles home to Sussex!

      I’m enjoying motorcycling, and will look to do some additional training in the new year.

      I’ve contacted an advanced motorcycle instructor, but will call in one Sunday to meet you all.

      is your next met on December 11th?

      Many thanks,


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      Brian Tucknott

      Hi Shaun,

      Great ride from north Devon. Yes next meeting is on 11th December from 11am, be great to see you there.


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