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Drift Ghost XL Camera

This is a brief overview of my experience using the Ghost XL Camera. It is not a technical review, that you can find online.

Overall I am pleased with the camera and have found it does everything I want. Here are the main key points that led me to buying this camera:

So far the camera has performed well. It doesn’t have HD quality and there is no image stabilisation, although I haven’t found that an issue either mounted on my Z1000SX, my old F650 ( single ) or on the side of my helmet. The footage quality is defintely good enough for training and posting on social media, probably not for professional footage.

There is a simple app for your phone which you can control the camera with and also view footage using wifi between camera and phone. Occaisionally it freezes but I have found it a simple way to review footage instantly without messing around with memory cards.

I did also buy the bluetooth remote control which has been fine, but I have found on occaisions wearing gloves it wasn’t easy to press the record button. This is mainly useful for the TAG function, where you press it when something interesting happens and it records the previous 30 sec / 1 minute and following 30 sec / 1 minute. It is a useful function but you need to make sure the remote is securely fixed on the bike to be able to press the button positively. It comes on a wrist strap which is too small to wear so it needs to be attached to the bike.

Instead of using the TAG function I have set up the camera on dash cam mode on 5 minute blocks, which breaks down the footage and makes it easier to share chunks online. Also it avoids missing that moment you wanted to capture because you are jabbing at the remote control!

In terms of sharing online, Max recommended using a simple way to share footage up to 5Gb free at a time. I have found this a very easy way to share larger files.

I have also purchased the microphone which I have ‘plumbed’ into my helmet and cable tied it onto my existing bluetooth microphone. This works well and means you can record footage with your commentary recorded on, great for Observers. At the same time my associate can hear what I am saying if I turn my bluetooth comms on. I think this is a great training asset and feedback from my Associate has been positive.

Battery charge has held well and can last all day, with the facility to plug into a bike USB point for a permenant charging solution.

I think it represents excellent value for money and would recommend it if you are in the market for a bike camera.