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Rukka clothing review

Review of the Rukka Nivala Jacket and Trousers by Iain White
Warm & Comfortable in wet Wales

The Rukka Nivala Jacket and Trousers are a premium touring and adventure option from Rukka that really emphasizes versatility. Not only are you getting Gore-Tex Pro level waterproofing and D3O flexibility but have a well-finished down liner to let you walk around more casually.


Starting with the Rukka jacket’s outer shell, we have breathable, windproof, and waterproof Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer laminated onto the back of a stretch polyamide fabric. This means that it will be tough and abrasion resistant. They have even gone the extra mile in using Gore-Tex Pro stretch material to give you a more streamlined fit and look (well that is what I tell myself).

For added abrasion resistance, you are getting tough Armacor panels in the shoulders and elbows, which use a combination of Kevlar and Cordura to bring you a high tear, abrasion, and heat resistance. The collar does feature soft neoprene for comfort, and you also get plenty of 3M reflectivity in the arms, back, and chest for comfort. But this leaves the question of how the Gore-Tex jacket does for impact absorption and comfort.


To keep you protected, Rukka have added a full complement of D3O armor. This means that you have CE level 2 Rukka D3O Air elbow and shoulder protectors, a CE Level 1 Rukka D3O Back protector, and a CE level 1 Rukka D3O chest protector.


Moving onto the comfort features, let’s start at the top where there is a great storm collar. It comes up high to keep the elements out and it fastens with Velcro. But if conditions allow, then you can easily remove it with a snap and a zipper around the back, which then hides inside its own flap, so it doesn’t disturb the styling. There is a Velcro collar, which you can fold back onto itself for a nice touch.

The Jacket’s ventilation openings are not as much as I would like. First, is the direct to body vent in the shoulders, closed with a water-resistant zipper, to bring air in without leaking water. The other main vent is a double headed zip in the side underneath the arm, though this one vents to the liner. And though we are missing a back vent, Gore-Tex is still the leading standard in breathability so that sweat and moisture can evaporate while rain drops on the outside are kept out.

You get a lot of storage to make up for the ventilation. You have two waterproof pockets in the chest, yes these aren’t vents, and two more hand warmer pockets. All 4 are fastened with water-resistant zippers.

Lastly, for the outside, we come to adjustability, and this is where Rukka have relied a bit more on fitment than multiple straps. In the waist, you have a small Velcro strap for cinching, which is mirrored by a strap and a zip in the wrist. You then have two sets of 3 snap adjusters in the arms to give you your ideal athletic fit.

Looking inside, you have a water-resistant zip with a snap at the bottom to prevent scratching up your tank. You have the standard rain gutter for waterproofing, and behind this we come to the chest protector. This is housed in its own little pocket that is zipped in on either side. So, you can always choose to take it out by just unzipping it, and you easily add it again later. On either side, you do have a further set of napoleon pockets.

There is an extra warm thermal liner. This is a 110g fill detachable down jacket that is designed to be worn underneath the Rukka Nivala Motorcycle Jacket or as a standalone option for once you arrive (I have used this option, several times).

The liner’s fantastic design means that you can easily slip in and out of the jacket, and for better temperature control you can roll the sleeves up to turn it into a vest. Unzipping it, you even have a set of internal stash pockets as well to complement the two zippered pockets on the outside.

Last, but not least, there is a jacket to trouser connecting zipper and strap in the back to connect to the Rukka Nivala Trousers.

Rukka Nivala Trousers

The Rukka Nivala Trousers also feature that same high-quality Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer laminated onto a tough polyamide outer shell with extra heat and abrasion resistant leather patches on the inside of the knees.

For safety, the trousers come with Rukka D3O Air knee and hip protectors certified to CE Level 2 for safety, and for airflow you have a set of zippered vents in the thighs and shins. The Rukka Aircushion system does help with managing moisture in the upper area of the trousers, which is something unique to Rukka. Though if you are riding in chilly weather then there is also a set of 70g fill down trousers that you can add.

 You are getting two water-resistant pockets on the outside for storage. The trousers are fastened with a double snap and a zip, and they use a double adjuster belt for comfort. The trousers come with a set of braces held on with Velcro and you can adjust the bottom of the leg with a zip and Velcro.


The Rukka Nivala Jacket and Trousers bring you a high level of premium touring comfort and features while keeping a highly athletic silhouette and styling. This makes this a highly versatile jacket for touring or sport-touring riders who are looking for full coverage in terms of the weather and safety.

I have used these with the liners in a combination of vents/liners in temperatures ranging from 8 degrees through to 20 degrees.

Even with all the vents open and the worst rain that Wales could throw at me, I kept dry and warm.

The price is high

£1250 for the jacket

£879 for the trousers

(You get the down liners thrown in for free)

Is it worth it……YES!

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