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RH turn at a T-junction

I often see my Associates having difficulty with turning right at a T-junction. There is plenty of advice in the books about arriving at a junction, but very little about leaving it. The most common error is to “balloon” the turn, by which I mean going straight ahead over the centre line…

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Group Riding Rules

 Group Riding Rules                                                                                     Group ride-outs are a great way to meet other members, improve your skills and discover some new roads. Do join us – look out for planned rides on the WSAM website.  Safety is the primary consideration when riding in a group; the safety of other riders or any third…

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iAM “Whats it all about”

An insight into iAM Roadsmart motorcycle course with iAM’s Stuart HAYTHORN and Bruce, Teapotone. Motorcycle Training – Introduction Part 1 Not a single biker out there can’t benefit from some form of motorcycle training, and I’ve been lucky enough to be given an IAM Roadsmart motorcycle course. This is the first of…

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Biker Down

Gary Proctor Observer WSAM Biker Down Course Shoreham Fire station Friday 10th June Sign up to our waitlist and be the first to hear about face-to-face events! • Scene Management• First Aid, Helmet Removal & Safety Skills• Science of Being Seen Hi All, I attended the above Biker Down Course earlier in…

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The Offside Rule

Iain White shared this on our Facebook Group A discussion arose during the Wales trip regarding the offside of the road. This is a good clear article that should help explain the differences between “offsiding” and legitimate use of the offside. From IAM – Road Smart / Spring 18 issuePublished on Jun 27, 2018

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Limit point
Bend assessment

Cornering and the Limit Point Another good piece of training footage from Mike Roberts on the Limit Point of Vision and holding position all the way through the bend. Worth checking out his other footage. Not the most exciting commentary but he really does break it down well.

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