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West Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists
Becoming an advanced rider will make you safer and smoother. You will gain more confidence whilst having fun building new skills. We have members of all ages, male and female, riding all types of bike. By joining us you will be able to ride and socialise with like-minded motorcyclists.

Riders join us for many different reasons such as a desire to become self assured in all environments, looking to improve and test their skills, seeking additional training, obtaining objective feedback on current riding, wanting to join our ride outs, to take part in our events and activities and to seek more enjoyment from their riding.

Get Advanced

Be one of the most skilled riders delivered by qualified experts.


Regular monthly meetings to discuss group topics.


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Give back to the community by becoming an IAM observer.

Refresher Rides

Free advanced check-rides for all group members.


Attain the highest standard of civilian riding in the country.

Gained more confidence.

My observer was excellent, Ken Cullern . His training style adjusted to suit my learning style which is a skill in itself. He came along for the test which gave me more confidence.

Bob Hewitt, Member
Riding is more enjoyable

After passing my motorcycle licence in 2015, I wanted to feel more confident and to gain skills to enjoy safer riding. IAM RoadSmart has helped me to achieve all of this. Learning how to position on the road and deal with lots of situations. It has made my hobby of riding so much more enjoyable.

Sharon Grant, Member
Reduction in insurance premiums

Well structured guidance soon enables you to understand how to plan and meet the added risks and to ride more confidently and more competently. I highly endorse being 'advanced', and enjoy my riding more, as well as the reduction in both my motorcycle and car insurance premiums.

Piet Reynolds, Member
Challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable

After joining WSAM I have found my riding more engaged and enjoyed the company of others on our ride outs. About a year after passing my advanced test I wanted to get more involved. I trained as a Local Observer, onto National Observer and finally went through the Masters mentoring programme.

John Moore, National Observer

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